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2013-03-17 23:50:19 by yu-ultidragon

No I havn't commented in a while but I thought I might, I made a new flash but newgrounds havn't accepted it. It's only a slideshow but w/e, just thought I would try something via the flash maker I had.

Also I changed my logo and added new affiliation, I'm not sure if I'll be adding anything else but there might be a chance.
Everything is based on time and availabilty and a flash player that uses swf and is compatable with this place.

(No I'm not asking much or maybe I am?) Eh just thought I would post and see what happen, I'll comment as soon as I can.

(b.t.w added the "Retro Box Studio" logo just so I could. XD.. Idk I still think it needs work.)



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2013-03-17 23:58:42

The plural of "studio" is "studios".

yu-ultidragon responds:

Hmm yep looks like I need to fix but it was a test to see how it looked far a way it looks real small..